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Fields of Inspection

Our company is fully Accredited in following fields of inspections.


  1. Fire Protection Systems and Fire-resistant Construction

-Spray Fire-resistant Materials   (BC 1704.11

-Sprinkler Systems    (BC 1704.21)

-Standpipe Systems   (BC 1704.22)

-Fire Alarm Systems   (BC 1704.13)

-Fire stop, Draft stop and Fire block systems. (BC 1704.25)

-Emergency Power Systems/Generators      (BC 1704.13)


  1.  Structural Materials and Construction Operations

-Masonry   (BC 1704.5)

      -Wood Construction General BuildingConstruction   (BC 1704.6)

      -Soils, Site Preparation.   (BC 1704.74)


  3.    General Building Construction

-Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS)  (BC 1704.12)


  4.   Plumbing and Mechanical Systems

-Site Storm Drainage Disposal and Detention Facilities   (BC 1704.20)