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Our team at C.C.I. will verify the subject of specialty inspection is in compliance with all relevant project specifications, shop drawings, contract documents, codes and reference standards acceptable to the design professional of record.


At C.C.I. our office director and field director are professional Architects and Engineers with a combined 50 years plus experience in design, inspection and building construction industry.

C.C.I.'s Office directors ensure that the qualified specialty inspectors are dispatched per discipline and that reports and logs are prepared in accordance per the administrative code.

C.C.I.'s Supervisors are professionals having relevant experience and qualifications to perform the associated specialty inspection and ensure that our inspectors receive continuing education and training to keep with developing technology.

C.C.I.'s inspectors meet all required qualifications per Appendix 'A' of IRCN 101-06 with underlying practice related to the subject of inspection along with the knowledge and skill to perform inspections as required by code and the design professionals.


Our goal at C.C.I. as a third party inspection company is to ensure the owner, owner’s representative and the design professionals are provided a complete and accurate inspection report. At C.C.I. we are dedicated to provide professional quality service committed to professionalism and reliability.